The municipality of Tyrnävä has some 6000 inhabitants and is well-known for its potatoes. The area provides excellent growing conditions for potatoes, and has been awarded the High Grade certificate by the European Union. The plain of Tyrnävä region is the only High Grade area in the Nordic countries. High Grade refers to an area which is free from severe plant diseases and pests. Fine sandy soil of Tyrnävä is apt for potato agriculture, and contributes favorably to producing high-quality potatoes that store well into the following summer. The climate of northern Finland also plays its part with its cold winters and summers with continuous daylight, resulting in potatoes that are of high quality and taste great.

Quality and quality control are aspects of utmost importance in the operation of Matinollin Peruna. We operate according to ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. We are also a part of a network consisting of 8 potato growers through Potwell Oy, which is a marketing and development company owned by the 8 producers. All of the co-owners of Potwell have implemented an in-house quality control system in their operation, the coordination of which is Potwell’s responsibility. The reliability of the system is being monitored by an external auditor. Potwell is also in charge of the sales and logistics of the 8 co-owners, which enables Matinollin Peruna to concentrate on its core competence, producing and packing high-quality potatoes for consumers in Finland and nearby areas, mainly Russia.


In 2017 we are farming 13 different varieties, which are: Colomba, Jussi, Jessica, Challenger, Fontane, Afra, Melody, Marabel, Siikli, Puikula, Rosamunda and Rock. Whatever the use, the right potato for the purpose can be found among these varieties. The type of the variety and what use it is best suited for is determined lot by lot after the harvest through cooking tests.

Food manufacturing causes greenhouse gas emissions, e.g. carbon dioxide. The carbon footprint measures the total of emissions caused by a product in carbon dioxide equivalent, C02e. This allows the comparison of environmental effects of different products. The carbon footprint of Matinolli’s 2 kg pack of fresh washed potato is 16 g for 100 grams of the product. This includes the entire production chain from cultivating to transportation to retailers.

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